About Us

“We’ll do it right the first time, or we won’t do it at all!” 

Hugh Mallick, Owner


Hugh’s Services, Inc. is a full-service Home Improvement Contractor, offering remodeling and landscaping services in Howard County, Maryland.  Family owned and operated since 1996 and incorporated in 2000, Hugh’s Services, Inc. serves both residential homes and commercial properties throughout Howard County.

Located in Woodstock, MD and headed by Hugh Mallick, we proudly serve our customers with high quality interior and exterior home improvement projects with a commitment to providing excellent service by professional, experienced tradesmen.

Hugh and his team of experienced professionals can give you genuine advice, detailed design, and a meticulously finished project. As a licensed and insured company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we believe in completing the job correctly the first time or not at all!


Education and Work Experience

The construction arena was a natural path for Hugh to take, since his father was also in the construction industry.

Hugh finished up a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Some of his most accomplished works included managing a $192 million – 50-story building project in Philadelphia.

Along with his 30 years of experience in the field of construction, Hugh has been a sales and marketing officer and a supervisor.  Hugh is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission with license #76000.